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Calendar of Events


Baltic "Kredit 24" Men's Volleyball Championship
20-21 January, sport hall Dubysa, Gumbinės str. 18 A
Organizer - sports school Dubysa.

Julija Urbšienė international table tennis tournament
January 27-28, Tennis court, Gardino st. 8
Organizer - Sports school Dubysa.

DAVIS CUP, Lithuania  – Estonia
3-4 d., February, Tennis Courts, Gardino str. 10, Siauliai
Organizers: Siauliai tennis school, Lithuanian tennis union.

Children's swimming feista 2016
13-14 April, Swimming Pool, Ežero str. 11 a, Siauliai
Organizer - sports school Delfinas.

European women's football U17 championship
9-11 May, City central stadium, S. Daukanto str. 23
Organizer - Lithuanian football federation.

Sport event in Siauliai - Occasion of the centenary of Lithuania
18-19 May, Talksa Lakeshore
Organizer - Siauliai athletics and wellness center, sport for all department.

International women wrestling tournament "Sun city open"
17-18 May, Šiauliai gymnasium gym, Vilniaus str. 297
Organizers: sports school Atžalynas, Association "Sun City Athletics Club".

The international cadets rugby tournament – F. Paskeviciaus Cup
19-20 May, Zokniai stadium, Pročiūnų str. 3, Šiauliai
Organizer – sport school Klevas.

9th international junior World sambo tournament for WORLD CHAMPION STANISLOVAS KULIKAUSKAS
25-26 May, Wrestling gym, V. Bielskio str. 13 A
Organizer - sports school Atzalynas.

International rowing regatta SALDUVE
2-3 June, Rowing Base, Žvyro str. 34, Šiauliai
Organizer - sports school Atzalynas.

European Men's Rugby-7 Championship
30 June, Rugby stadium, Gardino str. 14, Šiauliai
Organizer – Lithuanian rugby federation.

International Rekyva yacht regatta OLEGAS TRUCHAN
24-25 July, Rowing Base, Poilsio str. 10, Siauliai
Organizer - sports school Atzalynas.

Siauliai cycling marathon
28-29 July, Siauliai city streets.
Organizers: sports school Dubysa, sport club S-sport, Lithuanian cycling federation.

International canoe and kayak regatta TALŠA
14-16 August, Žvyro str. 34, Siauliai
Organizer - sports school Atzalynas.

International swimming competition A. DAMBRAUSKAS Cup 2018|
19-20 Oktober, Ežero str. 11 a, Siauliai
Organizer - sports school Delfinas.

CSI2 * -W/CSIYH1*/CDI-W  - Horse show jumping World Cup 
Oktober, Siauliai arena, J. Jablonskio g. 16
Organizer - Lithuanian equestrian federation.

International Rimantas Bagdonas wrestling tournament
November, Siauliai gymnasium hall, Vilniaus str. 297
Organizer - Lithuanian wrestling federation.

International greco-roman and women's wrestling tournament ATZALYNAS
23-24 November, Wrestling gym, V. Bielski str. 13 A
Organizers: sports school Atzalynas, atletic club Sun city.

International swimming competition “To the new year 2018”
30 November – 1 Dezember, Ežero str. 11 a, Siauliai
Organizer - sports school Delfinas

International Multiplayer Christmas competition
13-14 Dezember, Siauliai athletics and wellness center,  S. Daukanto str. 25
Organizer - Siauliai athletics and wellness center.

Open Lithuanian Youth and  synchronised swimming Championship 2018
13-15 Dezember, Ežero str. 11 a, Siauliai
Organizers: sports school Delfinas, Lithuanian swiming federation.

International Children's Chess Tournament "Teddy bear brown nose "
December, Siauliai Arena, J. Jablonskio str. 16
Organizer - Sports school "Dubysa".


P.S. The location and date of the events can be changed in accordance with the 2018 approved by the Lithuanian and international sports federations sports calendar.


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