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Representative Events

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Date: 2022 August 1-7
Location Siauliai city culture centre “Stairs Gallery”, Zemaites 83, Siauliai

Organiser(-s):Siauliai city culture centre “Stairs Gallery” 
Phone (8 41) 20 06 42

Photo gallery
Video galery

Festival “Siauliai Republic of Montmarte” - is the art festival organised by the “Stairs Gallery” from 2002 where traditionally and innovatively the art, music, literature, theatre is connected that actively involve Siauliai regional community. Art activities are created by over 20 artists from Lithuania and abroad, of music - State Vilnius Quartet, M.K. Ciurlionis Quartet, world and Lithuania renowned singers, music virtuosos, winners of Lithuanian culture and art prize, programmes of French music is prepared by the Siauliai Wind Orchestra, Soloists, actors of Lithuanian National Drama Theatre and State Siauliai Drama Theatre. Traditionally 2-3 exhibitions are shown: At the “Stairs Gallery”, the Red Synagogue of Joniskis, spaces in Zagare. Moto of International festival “Siauliai Republic of Montmarte”: „Lux lucet in tenebris“(Light wins over the darkness). The main axis of the festival - plein air of artists.  Through the festival history there were artists from Belarus, Moldova, Iceland, Germany, Chile, United States of America, Syria, Greece, Great Britain, Ukraine, artists come annually from Lithuania and the Netherlands. It is not a usual plein air in Lithuania: professional artists from Lithuania and abroad works in public, in the Peliksas Bugailiskis garden of the “Stairs Gallery” the Siauliai residents and guests, residents of Siauliai region have the opportunity to see the creative process - the previously created works by an artist is shown near them working. Representative Siauliai city event is sponsored by the Siauliai city municipality and Lithuanian Council of Culture.

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Date: 2022 August 19-28
Location Vilnius pedestrian boulevard, other public city spaces

Organiser(-s):  Association “Remigijaus akcija” 

Photo gallery  
Video gallery

The “Culture Nights of Siauliai” started as a promotion to revive the boulevard and has developed into a massive public, social, cultural event that in 2020 will happen for the tenth time. Events at evenings or nights happen in surprising non-traditional locations of Siauliai, so that the whole city would pulse in culture, it would become easily accessible to everyone. “Culture Nights of Siauliai” stands out with the variety and the number of events, their originality and their unexpected forms - for the whole week, exhibitions, dance and theatre performances, artistic performances, creative workshops, concerts, film viewings happen in the city. It is aimed to spread interesting, unseen, sometimes perhaps, even provocative, novel projects in Siauliai. Traditionally the creative sewing workshops, night volleyball matches, always youthful “Siauliai bociai” and their friends’ performance, DJ festival, high heel races happen. Artistic, creative workshops “Kilowac” of the “Culture Nights of Siauliai” have become traditional, with which the socially responsible businesses supply materials and services, and artists create light objects or things. These creations are later gifted to social institutions of Lithuania. “Culture Nights of Siauliai” end with and impressive lighted people and vehicles parade from Kastonai Alley to Sun Clock Alley where the brightest Siauliai residents are awarded.

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Date: 2022 October - December.
Location: Siauliai Art Gallery, Vilniaus g. 245, Siauliai, other public city spaces

Organiser(-s): Siauliai Art Gallery 
Phone (8 41) 52 43 85

international contemporary art festival “Virus” is the only professional art festival in North Lithuania. During the festival the newest projects of visual arts, fashion, dance, theatre, literature, mixed media, cinema, and music disciplines are introduced to city community and its visitors. The festival has created a long tradition and experience and keeps consistently promoting the signs of novelty and critical thinking in the region, create an exclusive platform for the synergy of various art disciplines. Festival specifically nurtures interactions of contemporary art forms and of costume design - one of the most important and memorable festival events is the international avant garde fashion contest “Virus fashion”.

Democratic and unique environment of the festival forms the main trend of city's contemporary art, creates necessary conditions for career starts of young artists and for projects of well known creatives. Festival's programme is curated by well experience guest curators, some past programmes contained - the most famous artists in Lithuania, guests from the United Kingdom, Finland, Thailand, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, and other countries. During this festival Siauliai residents have a unique possibility to experience the versatility and power of art forms, develop independent art evaluation criteria, thus, the festival is crucial for the fulfilling development of the city's culture.

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Date: 2022 April 18-24

Location Siauliai Cathedral Of Apostles Paul and Peter, Ausros tak. 3;

Siauliai church Of Mary Immaculate, Geguzių g. 57; “Polifonijos” auditorium, Ausros al. 15;

Organisationcencert institution Siaulių state chamber orchestra “Polifonija”
email  phone (8 41) 52 38 12

Photo gallery    
Video gallery

For Easter the annual festival “Resurrexit” happens where the preservation of traditions and some novelties match. The Event first organised in 1978 was known as promoting ancient secular and later - church music. Today the scope of music genres performed is expanding, new spaces and interesting artists are searched for. Listeners are invited to concerts where the chamber music and big scale pieces are played. Festival “Resurrexit” - is the only such event in North Lithuania, during which the listeners have an opportunity to hear grand well known musical pieces performed by a great number of known professional artists. Not only fans of academical music are welcomed at the festival but also people interested in world music, sung poetry, theatre, and other art forms.

Šeimų šventė

Date: January 9, 2022

Location: Siauliai

Organizer: Family Center of Siauliai Diocese

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It is a unique event. This festival has been organized since 2000. At that time the world meeting of families with Pope John Paul II took place in Rome. Families from Diocese of Siauliai went to this meeting and the delegation was led by Bishop of Siauliai Diocese H. E. Eugenijus Bartulis. There were hundreds of thousands of families from around the world taking part. A thought about the necessity of such festival in Siauliai came to the bishop. In the end of 2000, on the last Sunday when the entire catholic world celebrates the Feast of the Holy Family, the first festival was organized. It started in Siauliai Cathedral with St. Mass and continued in the cinema theatre “Saule” with the festival program where art groups performed and families testified. The festival was growing and expanding until there was not enough room in the Concert Hall “Saule” (the former cinema theater) for all willing to participate. When in 2008 Siauliai Arena was built, the festival was hosted there. And since then around 4000 people come to this festival, the most famous art groups, choirs, reciters, orchestras perform, special performances and works are created for this event. Already long ago this festival crossed the boundaries of Siauliai and guests from various Lithuania’s cities and abroad come to it. Majority of participants book places in advance and come to this festival in an organized way by buses, with communities, other groups. The main purpose of the festival is to reveal the beauty of family as the basic cell of every nation, to give the Best News to families, to encourage them to live in harmony and concord, to give an opportunity to watch marvelous, majestic artistic musical works, to spend time together, to rejoice together with other families. 

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Date: 2022-07-06

Location: Siauliai, Air base of the Lithuanian Air Force 

Organizer: Siauliai track and field athletics and wellness centre
Telephone +370 41 43 07 11

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“Runway Run” has been one of the most unique projects since 2004, implemented not only in Lithuania but also in whole Europe. It is an event promoting cooperation among education, science, business, military and non-governmental organizations, seeking to create civil society, to form healthy lifestyle habits for children and adults, to develop national and civic values. One of the most important parts of this event is the runway run, symbolically racing with fighter aircrafts conducting the NATO Air Policing Mission. The military exposition of Lithuanian Armed Forces and its allies is presented in this event. It is also possible to take a close look at weaponry, accoutrements, equipment used by soldiers and learn about military service in the armed forces. It is one of the most massive events with the average of around 7000 people participating in the run.

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Date: September 8, 9, 10, 2022

Location: Siauliai

Organizer: Siauliai Culture Centre 
Telephone +370 41 52 41 63

Photo gallery
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The International Dance Festival-Competition “Aušrinė žvaigždė” (Morning Star) brings together children and youth dance groups into a large international community of people who love dance, where dancers have the opportunity to communicate, get to know each other, share experiences, traditions, participate in education and other activities. The festival is constantly expanding, so more and more groups wishing to take part in the festival-competition are joining not only from neighbouring countries, but also from different parts of the world: the United States, Mexico, Sakartvelo, and others. In the competition part, young dancers compete in the categories of contemporary, classical and folk dance and their performances are judged by a competent international commission.

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Date: November, 2022.

Location: Siauliai

Organizer: Siauliai State College
Telephone +370  41 52 37 68

Photo gallery
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For several years Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences has been organizing an event - festival of opportunities TAVO PIN KODAS for the youth of Šiauliai, focusing on senior students. It offers discussions with interesting people, creative-practical workshops, and introduces a variety of activities for young people in Šiauliai. Not only does the event help to discover what interests young people have, but also provokes to challenge oneself. Every year participants of TAVO PIN KODAS are invited to interesting presentations, a half-day of engaging content and receiving a lot of great emotions!

Different formats of creative workshops allow the target group of the project to experience various professions of the present and the future first hand. Festival activities help students to self-assess personal competencies and discover strengths that will help them to take the first steps on the professional path.

Students are introduced to informal organizations operating in Šiauliai offering volunteering opportunities, test skills, as well as artistic and cultural expression.

The event is organized together with educational institutions in Šiauliai, non-formal education institutions, business companies, and associated business structures.

Please visit TAVO PIN KODAS website 

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Date: November - December, 2022

Location: Siauliai

Organizer: Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts 
Telephone +370 41 52 55 04, +370 41 52 39 03

Photo gallery
Video gallery

Business events were started to be organized in Siauliai in 1875 when the first exhibition was held in Lithuania. In 1995 this tradition was revived by Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts collaborating with local and foreign partners. A three-day event, organized annually in the last week of November, has developed into a marathon of events for business, science and education. The event fostering synergy between Siauliai city and business, called Business Days among the public, strengthens the identity of Siauliai city, spreads the message about the potential of municipal competences in Lithuanian and foreign economic and social areas. The international conference constantly hosts European business policy makers and speakers from foreign organizations. Topics relevant to business and the society are discussed, issues and problems related to investments, improvement of business environment, development of science and education in the city are analysed, other educational events and seminars are held. The educational display “Siauliai Smart” demonstrates the progress of industry, education and science. The event receives considerable interest from pupils in entrepreneurs’ success stories, insights that inspire, motivate and develop entrepreneurship.

Tarptautinis Sauliaus Sondeckio jaunųjų stygininkų ir pianistų konkursas

Date: June 13-22, 2022 

Location: Siauliai Saulius Sondeckis Arts Gymnasium, P. Visinskio str. 35, Siauliai

Organizer: Siauliai Saulius Sondeckis Arts Gymnasium
Telephone +370 41 43 29 32

The international Saulius Sondeckis competition for young string players and pianists is the only such high-level academic music competition in Nothern Lithuania to be organized in Siauliai for the 6th time. The young national and foreign music performers are evaluated by a competent international jury, whose members share a unique teaching methodology by conducting masterclasses and present the cultural life of their countries after the competition.

This event helps to nurture talent development traditions. The participants of the competition get acquainted with the works of Lithuanian composers listed in the compulsory program and in the future they include them in their repertoire and make them public in their countries. Laureates play a compulsory play by the Lithuanian composer with the Siauliai Chamber Orchestra “Camerata Solaris” (conductor and artistic director Vilhelmas Čepinskis) in the final concert. Siauliai residents and city guests develop not only cultural competence of international cooperation but also community and social skills. The event, which commemorates the name of Professor Saulius Sondeckis, makes Siauliai and Lithuania world-renowned. 

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Date: March - November 2022

Location Šiauliai Central City Stadium, Daukanto g. 25, Šiauliai

Organiser football club "Gintra" 
Email. p


The UEFA Women's Champions League is the top-level competition for women's football clubs, featuring the champions of the European countries or the top-ranked women's football clubs. Šiauliai club has been ranked highly in the league in recent years, and Šiauliai residents have the opportunity to watch the most famous European football clubs play in the city.



Date: The 2022 Davis Cup will not be played in Šiauliai, as based on the draw the matches will be played in Pakistan on 4-5 March 2022. The International Tennis Federation's Under-18 tournament will be held from 21-27 February 2022.

Location - Šiauliai Tennis Academy, Gardino g. 8, Šiauliai

Organiser(-s): Lithuanian Tennis Union
E-mail. p.

Photo gallery 
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Davis Cup is an annual international men's tennis tournament involving national teams from 137 countries. The first tournament was held in 1900 between the USA and the United Kingdom. Depending on the draw, teams meet either away or at home. Since 1994, the Lithuanian Davis Cup team has participated in this tournament every year. This is the only tennis event in Lithuania where you can see the best tennis players in the world and our national team.

The Šiauliai Tennis Academy hosts the annual International Tennis Federation (ITF) junior category 2 tournament "Siauliai". This traditional tournament brings together the world's best juniors every year and is the only one of its kind in the Baltic region. Experience shows that this is an event where the world's future elite tennis players participate. The International Youth Tournament has grown to the level of a representative event for the city and the country, an event that can be presented to a wider audience. The International Tennis Federation Junior Tournament was launched in 2007 as a fifth (lowest) category tournament. Over the years of successful organisation of the event, the International Tennis Federation has gradually upgraded this tournament to the 2nd highest category in the Baltic States.

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Date: 1 January - 31 December 2022 regular schedule of the Lithuanian Basketball League and King Mindaugas Cup (LKL.LT)

Location Šiauliai Arena, J. Jablonskio str. 16, Šiauliai

Organiser basketball club "Šiauliai"

Email ;

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The Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) is recognised as the 9th most competitive league in Europe, with the most competitive teams in the country playing in it. During the event, you can see players from the national teams of Lithuania and other countries around the world. Nationally, the league is the most popular in terms of spectator attendance compared to other sports. It is an ongoing sporting event, including at least 20 high-level matches, bringing together the basketball-loving community of people not only in Šiauliai, but also in the whole Šiauliai region.

Each Šiauliai game is attended by an average of 2500 spectators. The club's season-long matches receive more than 250 000 views on TV and online. The matches are broadcast on BTV and LRT, Go3 smart TV, portal, Delfi TV. Match previews, interviews with coaches and players, and various columns are available on the Youtube video platform.

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Date: 2022 June 18– 19.

Location Šiauliai, Alexandria

Organiser motorcycle Club "Šiauliai"


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Šiauliai will host the 9th round of the European Championships. The 2019 edition is recognised as one of the best organised competitions in Europe. Alexandria is the only track in Lithuania that meets the requirements of the European Motorcycle Federation. "Šauliai” Club has been granted the right to organise the first ever European Women's Motocross and the Northeast European Championship (children and juniors) in Lithuania. Šiauliai is attracting more and more participants from all over Europe. More than 200 athletes from 20 countries are expected to take part in this year's event. A round of the European Motocross Championship attracts around 2000 spectators. 

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Date: 2022 April 9-10

Location Šiauliai Arena, J. Jablonskio str. 16, Šiauliai

Organiser(-s): Šiauliai sports dance club "Šypsena" 
E-mail. p.

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In 2022, the 28th edition of the traditional ballroom dancing tournament will take place, with couples from all over Europe invited and over 45 distinguished dance professionals coming to judge. The traditional international WDSF (World DanceSport Federation) ranked competition in Šiauliai is also the Lithuanian DanceSport Federation ranked in all age groups. Such a tournament provides an opportunity to introduce the city's public and guests to the best dancers from Europe and the world, and for the city's dancing couples to present and demonstrate their skills to well-known dancing experts, and to launch their international careers, regardless of age. Up to 800 dancing couples, from children to seniors, perform for the audience during the two-day dance fiesta.

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Date: 26 March 2022 Lithuania - Belgium.

November 5 Lithuania - Ukraine

Location Šiauliai Rugby Stadium, Gardino g. 24 Šiauliai

Organiser(-s): Lithuanian Rugby Federation

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The matches of the European Rugby Men's Championship 15 are attracting more and more attention from Lithuanian spectators. The project attracts around 150 participants from different European cities. To organise this event, the federation needs to meet the requirements of the European Rugby Association. The matches are not only covered on various Lithuanian TV stations and online portals, but also broadcast in Europe.  The representative event of Šiauliai "European Rugby Championships" is beneficial not only for rugby, but also for Šiauliai city, where deep rugby traditions, impressive history, achievements, as well as the growing popularity and awareness of rugby can be seen. Around 80% of the national team is made up of people from Šiauliai.

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Date: 31 July 2022

Location Šiauliai

Organiser(-s): Šiauliai Sports Centre "Dubysa"
E-mail. p

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The traditional Šiauliai Road Cycling Race has over the past nine years has become a celebration not only of professional road cyclists, but also of amateur sports. On the last Sunday of July, the elite athletes take to the streets of Šiauliai for a 100-kilometre race, while the amateurs choose between 56 and 28 kilometres. The start of the children's race is particularly sporty and exciting for the little cyclists. The future athletes, accompanied by their parents, are awarded medals and souvenirs from the sponsors after completing their first distance. Every year, more and more enthusiasts join the "Let's Ride Together" group and ride a symbolic one lap - 7 kilometres. During the event, both residents and visitors of Šiauliai are invited to join in the sports fun, various competitions are organised, and participants are awarded symbolic prizes. Young volunteers help organise the race, and a team of police officers is on duty at the track. Many photos from the Bike Day circulate in various media channels. The event attracts over 300 participants and more than 200 visitors. The organisers, members of the club "S-sportas", coaches and athletes of the Šiauliai Sports Centre "Dubysa" invite an increasing number of cyclists, amateurs, corporate teams, spectators and, of course, children.

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Date: in 2022 the event did not take place.

Location Šiauliai Arena, J. Jablonskio str. 16, Šiauliai

Organiser(-s): Šiauliai Sports Club "Miražas"

Photo galleriy
Video gallery

For almost 10 years in a row, the Šiauliai Arena has hosted the World Cup stage of the International Horse Racing and Equestrian World Cup, which is a unique event, not only in the Baltic States, but also in Europe, as it is held indoors. Every year, the event attracts around 200 riders from 10 countries. Equestrian sport in Lithuania is becoming more and more popular and attracting more and more spectators and horse lovers. Šiauliai residents have a great opportunity to watch duets of a high sporting level perform in a comfortable arena and to appreciate the elegance of the horses up close. in 2019, the event attracted a record number of 2500 spectators.

Saulės žiedas



Date: 2023 July 3-9 Location Siauliai, Siauliai district

Organiser(-s): association “Baltic centre”

Website of the festival email  phone. +370 685 33142

Pfoto gallery  
Video gallery

International folklore contest-festival “Ring of Sun” - is one of the biggest, brightest, monumental ethnic culture events in North Lithuania and all of the country. This contest is included in the official International Organisation of Folk Art IOV (under UNESCO) and in the Federation of International Dance Festivals (FIDAF) event list.

From 2005 the biannual international contest-festival “Ring of Sun” gathers over 350 artists from all over the world and over 400 artists from Lithuania. The 2021 festival was postponed due to global pandemic to 2023 July 3-9.

In the international folklore contest-festival “Ring of Sun” programme there are 6 competition categories: from traditional folklore dancers, instrumental dancers, singing groups, solo vocalists, instrumentalists, and stylised folklore groups. International judge panel including well known experts from Lithuania and abroad, evaluating the artists bases the authentic as well as individual folklore performing and creative definitions.

Lithuanian artists can participate not only in contest but only to the festival event programme.

In the festival's “Ring of Sun” programme: concerts, culture and arts night, parties, dance lessons, introduction of ethnic regions, Statehood day's events and others.

The planned prize money is over 5000 euros and the Grand Prix - 1500 euros.

Ant Rubežiaus


Date: in 2024 on May 30-31 and June 1
Location: Vilnius pedestrian boulevard 

Organiser(-s): association „Ant rubežiaus“


phone 8611 16565

Photo gallery
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This is traditional and continuing folk music festival for the broad public - from families, to youth and seniors. Original ensembles, stylised ensembles, and individual musicians from various Lithuanian regions will come to this festival, whose concerts are planned at the grand festival stage on the pedestrian boulevard (Vilnius st.). Without Lithuanians there will be folk music artists from Latvia and Estonia.  For 5 years it has been collaborating with musicians and folk music artistry enthusiasts from these countries. Ensembles from Latvia is chosen and suggested by the festival coordinator, the head of the Association of Latvian ethno-musicians Iveta Dukalska, and when inviting musicians from Estonia it is done in collaboration with the head of harmonica players club “Pärnumaa Lõõtspillihaigete selts”, with folk music enthusiast, educator, musician, and Estonian harmonica master Heino Tartes.

During the festical the Siauliai pedestrian boulevard become “Musical Boulevard of Baltic States” where for two days the folk music will play from various different ethic regions of Lithuania as well as there will be an opportunity to listen folk musicians from our neighbours from Latvia and Estonia.

More information at the festival's website

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Date: 2022 June10-11
Location By the Talksa Lake

Organiser(-s): Siauliai city concert institution “Saule” 
Phone (8 41) 42 34 24

Photo gallery  
Video gallery

The only big band music festival in Lithuania that started in 2010 and annually invites to Siauliai professional ensembles not only from Lithuania but from abroad too. Various big bands and soloists performed in the festival from: Latvia, Estonia, USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, Mozambique, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Czechia, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Malta, and Italy. The celebration of quality music that lasts for two days delights Siauliai residents and city residents. Festival is notable in its stylistic variety and broad spectre of genres - from Funk, Jazz, Soul to exclusively arranged pop music. The festival atmosphere is also special, that is created not only by great music but also an exceptional location in the centre of Siauliai - the Talksa Lakeside.

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Date: 2023 July 6- to August
Location Siauliai “Ausra” museum’s Chaim Frenkel villa and park, Vilniaus g. 74, Siauliai

Organiser(-s): Siauliai “Ausra” Museum 
Phone (8 41) 52 43 90

Photo gallery
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International summer festival of Chaim Frenkel villa mission is to organise professional, of high artistic value music, cinema, theatre, dance performances in the elusive Chaim Frenkel villa and park for the broad society and thus directly impact the accessibility of culture, create the image of progressive, open to professional art novelties region of Siauliai.

The continuity, professionalism, and variety - the main aspects of the only traditional festival in Siauliai that unites various professional art disciplines. Through 16 years of the festival the public of Siauliai has seen hundreds of performers from various countries of the world, such as South Korea, United States of America, Argentina, France, Portugal, Georgia, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and others, enjoyed performances of the best artists from Lithuania and other countries, concerts of symphony orchestras, dance performances, viewings of films.

Jaunimo muzikos festivalis_Šiauliai gyvai_Fot. Edvardas Tamošiūnas (002)


Date: June 2024

Location: Photography Museum (Vilnius St. 140, Siauliai), as well as other cultural institutions and public spaces in the city.

Organizer: Public institution “Sielai”

Contacts: email: phone: +370 615 56 700

Photo Gallery:

Video Gallery:

The project “Siauliai Live” initiated by the public institution “Sielai” brings together a dynamic team with 11 years of experience. The common goal of uniting enthusiasts and cultural professionals is pursued as they collaborate with young performers from the Siauliai region, promoting and popularizing their original creations, filming music videos, organizing concerts, and educational events.

In 2024, during the fourth Youth Music Festival “Siauliai Live” efforts will continue to focus on key objectives – encouraging youth, nurturing their creative potential, and providing opportunities to showcase original works to a wider audience on the professional stage. The aim is to create conditions for collaboration between young performers and professional team, thereby fostering communication, knowledge exchange, expanding the horizons of the youth, developing creative, personal competencies, as well as professional musical skills.

The Siauliai “Ausros” Museum serves as a key partner for the project, because of that the main location chosen for the festival is the Photography Museum. However, to optimally fulfill creative and technical ideas for events, other attractive locations in the city's cultural institutions and public spaces are continuously discovered for both performers and audiences.